Find links to some available Dutch aviation webcams.


Streaming webcam at the private Helideck on the roof top of the company Lukkien.
View Lukkien webcam

Groningen-Eelde EHGG

Inside the hangar of the Noord Nederlandse Aero Club. As soon as they find more money an appron-camera will follow.
View Noord Nederlandse Aero Club webcam

Hilversum EHHV

Small grass-airport but with very good live streaming camera.
View Hilversum webcam webcam

Lelystad EHLE

Two very nice Streaming cams and Audio traffic powered by B&P Computer Systems
View Lelystad Airport webcams

Stadskanaal EHST

Two cams overlooking the field in both directions.
View Stadskanaal Airfield webcams

Teuge EHTE

Webcam overviewing Teuge Airport
View Teuge Airport webcam

Maastricht-Aachen EHBK

Webcam overviewing Maastricht-Aachen Airport
View Maasricht-Aachen Airport webcam

Midden Zeeland EHMZ

Nice grass airport in the South-West of the Netherlands, with three webcams from Osair.