Al Traffic

The Dutch Flight Simulator Site is proud to present you a whole new section of the site:
AI Traffic.

AI Traffic is a fantastic new feature in FS 2002 and FS 2004. Aircraft take off from and land in the airports you are frequenting yourself and make flight simulation much more realistic. With ATC activated you suddenly have both visual and audible activity around you in a dynamic scenery far more elaborate than any programme you can buy.
Suddenly, you're no longer alone in the airport and in the sky! You hear aircraft taxi-ing on the ramp and interact with ATC.

To understand much more about this feature, I have found two articles for you who describe carfully the AI Traffic feature. Click here and here to read the articles.

To improve tour AI Traffic, you need two utilities; Traffic Tools and AFCAD. Both are programmed by Lee Swordy.
Click here to download Traffic Tools v2.0 (compatible with FS 2002 and FS 2004).

Please the read manuals of the two utilities carfully.

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