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Do you want to send us your files? If you send us an e-mail with the url to your file we will be very thankfull. We recommend YouSendIt for sending files to us. You can also chose to attach your file within your e-mail, but in this case we can only accept files less than 5mb, due our mailbox size.

If you wish to send any files to the Dutch Flight Simulator Site, please read the following rules carefully.

Terms & conditions to send files

General guidelines

The file must be your own work. If it has been made by someone else, you are not allowed to claim the file as your own. If you have made modifications to the file, make sure you have the permission from the original author - also remember to credit the original author(s).

The allowed package file types are ZIP, RAR, JPG and GIF. This makes the download time as short as possible.

The file must fit to some category of our file library. If the file does not fall to any available category, do not send it yet. Ask us to create a new category instead by e-mail.

Some conditions of accepted files:

  • Aircraft: Only Dutch airlines. No virtual airline or fictious aircraft/liveries accepted. General aviation and military aircraft are also accepted, as long as they are related to Dutch aviation;
  • Scenery: Only Dutch scenery. No fictious scenery accepted;
  • Panels: Only panels used by Dutch airlines.;
  • Sounds: Only sounds used by Dutch airlines;
  • Other files: Only files related to The Netherlands/ Holland.

Documentation and screencaptures:
Include a proper documentation inside the file package which contains information about the file. Call it "readme.txt".

Add a JPG formatted screencapture if you are sending aircraft, scenery or panel files.

It is not guaranteed that the file you send will be included in our database, but generally all high quality files suitable for our categories will be added. The Dutch Flight Simulator Site reserves the right to select the files it adds to the file library.

Please make sure you send all files needed, described above, and also a screen capture in correct format and size if needed!

Thanks a lot!!!