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Banner is rotated on all download overview pages:
- Insertion Cost: EUR 40.00/month (+ VAT if applicable)


Banner is rotated on all download overview pages (like the scenery and aircraft main pages):
- Insertion Cost: EUR 45.00/month (+ VAT if applicable)


Banner is shown on this site left side column.
- Insertion Cost: EUR 50.00/month (+ VAT if applicable)


Banner is rotated on all download pages (visible when user downloads a file):
- Insertion Cost: EUR 40.00/month (+ VAT if applicable)

The Dutch Flight Simulator Site ( Media & Advertising General Terms and Conditions

We love to work with our advertisers and therefor we made some clear points, so that we know what we can expect from each other. These points are somewhat formal, however, the relation with our advertisements is mostly informal.

  1. Acceptance of advertising programs subject to space availability upon receipt of signed contract or insertion order by
  2. Online advertisements are accepted upon the representation that advertiser and its agency have the right to publish and display the advertisements and its contents. In consideration of such online publication and display, advertiser and its agency agree to indemnify and hold DUTCHFS.COM harmless against any expense or loss by reason of any claims arising out of online publication and display.
  3. Conditions, other than rates, are subject to change by DUTCHFS.COM without notice.
  4. Positioning of advertisements is at the discretion of DUTCHFS.COM except where a request for a specific preferred position is acknowledged by publisher in writing. Material must be received by material closing date, otherwise position may be lost, or requested impression level may be reduced.
  5. DUTCHFS.COM may use prior ad material if new material is not received on time.
  6. Cancellation Policy:
    Cancellations or changes in orders must be made in writing. Any campaign can be cancelled with no penalty up to two weeks before the scheduled start date of the campaign. Campaigns cancelled less than two weeks before the scheduled start date of the campaign are subject to a 15% cancellation fee based on the original amount of the cancelled order. After a campaign has started, cancellation notices must be provided to DUTCHFS.COM at least two weeks prior to the effective date of cancellation. Advertisers will be rebilled for all impressions delivered through effective end date; if appropriate, shortrates will apply.
  7. Postponement Policy:
    In cases where ad material has not arrived by the fifth working day after the agreed-upon campaign start date, DUTCHFS.COM’s postponement policy goes into effect. DUTCHFS.COM will reduce the number of total impressions for every day the campaign is late, based on even distribution, and the advertiser will be invoiced at the original contracted amount.
  8. All contents of advertisements are subject to DUTCHFS.COM’s approval. DUTCHFS.COM reserves the right to reject or cancel any advertisement, insertion order, space reservation or position commitment at any time.
  9. All insertion orders are accepted subject to provisions of the current rate card.
  10. Online publisher shall not be liable for any costs or damages if for any reason it fails to electronically publish and display an advertisement. In no event shall DUTCHFS.COM be liable for any damages, consequential or otherwise, in excess of the amount paid for the advertisement, as a result of any mistake in the advertisement, omission from or error in any index, or for any other reason.
  11. DUTCHFS.COM shall have the right to hold advertiser and/or its advertising agency jointly and severally liable for such monies as are due and payable to DUTCHFS.COM for advertising which advertiser or its agent ordered and which advertising was published and displayed.
  12. No conditions other than those set forth in the rate card shall be binding on DUTCHFS.COM unless specifically agreed to in writing by the DUTCHFS.COM. DUTCHFS.COM will not be bound by conditions printed or appearing on order blanks or copy instructions which conflict with the provisions of the rate card.
  13. DUTCHFS.COM is not liable for delays in delivery and/or non-delivery in the event of an Act-of-God, action by any government or quasi-governmental entity, fire, flood, insurrection, riot, explosion, embargo, strikes whether legal or illegal, labor or material shortage, transportation interruption of any kind, work slow-down or any condition beyond the control of DUTCHFS.COM affecting production or delivery in any manner.
  14. As used in these “General Terms and Conditions” the term DUTCHFS.COM shall refer to The Dutch Flight Simulator Site and their respective subsidiaries.
  15. Payment in full is due in advance, that is before the “live” date of the advertiser’s program.
  16. All discounts are multiplicative and not additive.
  17. Rates are subject to change upon notice from DUTCHFS.COM. In the event of an increase in the rates not publicly announced prior to the first advertisement covered by the contract then in effect, advertisements reserved may be cancelled by the advertiser or its agency at the time the increase becomes effective without incurring short-rate charges, provided the advertisements published and displayed to the date of cancellation are consistent with the appropriate rate. Failure to meet impression frequency commitments for any other reason in whole or in part by the advertiser will result in an adjustment of the rate (short-rate) based on past and subsequent advertisements to reflect actual ad impressions displayed at the earned rate..

Contractual Information

Banners and insertion orders must be delivered at least three (3) business days prior to the start of an insertion term. Banner changes during an insertion term must be delivered at least one (1) business day prior to change. DUTCHFS.COM will run up to four (4) banners at one time, and will change creatives as frequently as once per week. All advertising requires a signed insertion order. Any correspondence should include a list of: advertiser’s name, contracted banner positions, URL link, alternative text and run dates. All quarterly and monthly programs start on weekdays (no holidays or weekends).

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